Need to transcribe just a few minutes of a long video? Use MediaMyx to trim that video before submitting the video for a transcription/caption!

Let's say you have a 60 minute video that you need to get transcribed but you only want to transcribe the best 20 minutes of it? You can simply upload that video to a MediaMyx session and edit it down to the 20 minutes you need. Render this edited, shorter video and either download it or move it to your Media Library. Then upload it to a screening room and order the transcript.

Note that you can also upload the video to a new screening room, mark the selected portions of the video you want to keep and then use MediaMyx to stitch together that shorter video.

In conclusion, you can use MediaMyx on its own or in conjunction with a Screening room to edit a large video down to the selections you want transcribed.

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