Collaborate with others by uploading rough-cuts and final versions to receive in-video, time-based comments. Create a screening room and invite others to comment or upload a revision to an existing screening room. The first time you enter a screening room, the platform will present an optional tour that you can navigate using left and right arrows, or you may choose to end the tour by clicking on “End Tour.” You may repeat this tour at any time by clicking on the two circular arrows located at the top right of the window.

Screening Rooms are typically used for videos, but you can also use them for audio files as well. This comes in handy when you need a searchable transcription of an audio file

New Screening Room. When you click on “New Screening Room, you will be prompted to upload a video or audio file from your computer.

Invite Reviewer To Screening Room. Once a Screening Room has been set up, you may invite a reviewer to the screening room in two different ways

You may invite them from the Workspace by going to the list of Screening Rooms and clicking on the mail icon of a specific room. This brings up a message window where you can:  A) invite them to view the media and comment, or B) invite them to view only. You may also write a personalized message to the invitee

You may also invite someone to view a video from within a Screening Room. Like before you can:  A) invite them to view and comment or B) Review only. When you invite someone to collaborate from within a screening room, there is no accompanying personalized message.

Note: Anyone who has been made a collaborator in a workspace already has access to every screening room and has the ability to make comments on that video.

For those colleagues that you do not wish to have access to everything in the workspace, and wish to restrict their access to screening rooms to view and comment, or just view - these are the folks that would invite to a screening room

MediaMobz recommends that for the sake of clarity, that the client limits the number of collaborators who can comment on a video.

Making Comments (Selects) In a Screening Room

Click on “Add Comment” (located on the upper right hand of the video) to begin your review

This action opens the Comment Window, which enables you to capture “selects” and add comments to each select.  A select is a portion of the video that you identify with “In Point” and “Out Point” selection and a comment. This is used to provide feedback to your producer. Note that the Comment Window also displays the audio file, which helps in selecting In and Out points. 

You may also capture selects with goal of publishing these as short videos (see "Make Shareable" below.

The platform media player features standard stop, start, play and volume controls and you can click the diagonal arrows on the right bottom of the player to view the video in fullscreen mode

Once you have made a select and provided feedback (Comment)”, click on the “Submit Comment” button. Your comment appears under the Comments window to the right of the video. Your comment shows the In and Out points of the select, to the hundredths of a second and indicates the length of the select.
Click on the “Actions” icon in the comment box. This enables three actions: 

A) Edit your comment, B) Delete your comment (this also deletes the Select). and C) Reply - this can be used by other collaborators to respond to a comment.

Share (VideoShare). Any Select you have created can be shared to social media platforms by clicking “Make Shareable”

Enter a title for the Select you wish to share. This title will be overlayed on the video in Facebook, for example, before the video is played. Then click to complete. The platform will now build this shared Select.

You may now share this video Select on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, by clicking on the appropriate icon. If you are currently logged into these social media platforms, you will be able to write your post and submit. If you are not logged into social media, the post window will first ask you to log in.

Add to Total Run Time (TRT). A collaborator typically uses comments to identify the selects that will be used in a subsequent draft of the video. Since your final video has been determined to be of a specific length, clicking this box enables the platform to calculate the total length of all of your selects. Alternatively you can click the button at the top of the window, “Add All Selects to TRT”

“Sort By” enables a collaborator to sort selects by:

  1. “Select in Point” (chronological order within the video)
  2. “Author” (aggregates comments by author - useful when multiple collaborators are commenting on a video)
  3. “Date” (by dates comments were submitted)
  4. “Show” is a comment sort located at the bottom of the window that enables you to: see “All Comments” or see only “My Comments”

Close Comments. When collaborators are done commenting on a video draft, click the green “Close Comments” button. This action messages your producer to start work on the next draft of the video

Approve Media. When you receive the final draft of a video from your producer in the screening room and you watch and approve this final video, click the green “Approve Media” button. This sends a message to the producer that this video is complete. The producer will then in turn release the media to you for you to download and use.

Screening Room Controls. These are located at the top right of the Screening Room.

Left Arrow icon. This returns you to the Workspace.

Cloud with Arrow icon. This enables one (typically the producer) to upload a new video revision

Gear icon. This enables you to Edit Screening Room Information:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Click here to set a due dates for comments.
  4. All of the above can be revised as needed

Circle arrows icon. This brings up the Screening Room Tour.

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